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Our Needle Gun Supplies


Save time by quickly tagging garments and other goods. Our needle gun is easy to use and has a pistol grip that works with a gentle touch. This will help discourage price switching due to having to cut off sturdy fasteners/barbs.

Supplies Recommended for Needle Guns

  • Barbs and Fasteners- made of tough and tangle proof plastic in a variety of sizes including ½ inch, 1 inch, 2 inch & 3 inches. Packaged 5,000 per box, $3.50/Thousand.
  • Hang Tags- in a variety of sizes from 1 Inches through 5 Inches. We carry blank scalloped top and square edged tags pre-printed with “No, Style, Size, and Price.” Packaged 1,000 per box. Prices vary on size.
  • Plastic Hooks- used for gloves, hats, socks and other merchandise. Ticket and hang merchandise in one operation. Packaged 2,500 per box, $7.00/Thousand.
  • 4-Pack Needle- Replacements- $9.95
  • Jewelry barbell tags- offered in Paper and Tyvek material. Paper barbells can be torn off of the item, while Tyvek are is more durable and needs to be removed by cutting off.

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