At Horizon Packaging, we convert printed roll fed film into an array of preformed pouches. These pouches are ideal for consumer-focused products and we serve a multitude of brand name customers in a variety of industries.
Preformed Pouches

Preformed pouches Capability


What makes preformed pouches ideal for your business?

They are a cost-effective alternative to standard rigid packaging and offer increased versatility that customers love.

We are able to provide pouches that are optimal for the shape and size of your product, including packaging that lays flat or stands up and has different style openings at distinctive spots on the film to ensure you have the right pouch for your product. Through our in-house printing capabilities, we can adhere your logo and branding to the pouch in order for your product to effectively resonate with your customer.

Preformed pouches are perfect for:

  • Frozen Foods
  • Beverages
  • Snacks and Baking
  • Pet Foods and Treats
  • Household Cleaning
  • Other goods

Printed Rollstock Capability

We have both 6 and 8 color printers that allow us to provide you with a myriad of designs you desire to showcase your brand. You will be able to work with our personalized specialist to work to get you a design plate and walk you through the process of getting your design perfected placed and printed on your packaging solutions.
Call us today at 800-489-5986 to work with one of specialists to discuss your packaging and design needs!